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Why is Zumba so important for your health ?


Zumba is a combination of Latin rhythm dance and simple dance steps that build a unique training. The Zumba lesson is made up of different rhythms in Latin rhythm - samba, meringue, salsa, flamenco, and so on. The idea is to combine familiar rhythmic music together with body movements, thereby activating the body with fun that burns calories, maintains fitness and can also help with weight loss.

It all started in the 1990s when a Colombian instructor who forgot his discs found Latin music discs in his vehicle and through it passed the lesson. This caught on and drew enthusiastic reactions. The coach went this way and called this training Zumba.

Today many gyms can be found using this method. There is a Zumba in Kfar Saba and you can sign up for Zomsa circles in Kfar Saba in several places and gyms.

The Zumba Advantages


Zumba has a number of notable advantages:


Burning calories - Exercise in this method can burn between 500 and 800 calories in a single Zumba workout.


Maintaining Weight - Zumba allows you to maintain weight and even lose weight as a result of burning calories.


Bodybuilding - The Zumba enables body shaping through work on the pelvis, abdomen, arms and legs in addition to the aerobic work being done.
Improving mood - Zumba class relieves tension and fills the gym with positive energy that stays throughout the day.


Learning the dance steps - Zumba lessons also teach you the basic dance steps of any Latin dance and no partner or partner is needed to do it.
Persistence - Zumba classes are appealing and lively, so arriving at the lesson is not accompanied by any thought of a great effort that can set off gymnasts' feet from the institute.

For making the best out of Zumba classes you must have the proper equipment, such as shoes, proper leggings and cloth and great vibe.


Zumba and motivation


Although awareness of physical activity is increasing among the general public and many people can be seen running, swimming, walking, exercising in various gyms, etc., the situation in the country is far from good and many still consider watching football games their peak of physical activity.
Exercising that combines fun and fun and not done out of duty or necessity can make that long-awaited change and that's exactly what the zombie does. When you do a Zumba lesson in Kfar Saba, you don't think "when will it be over," but wish it didn't end at all. This is perhaps the biggest advantage of the Zumba over gymnastics


Others - instilling motivation.


Each gymnast is awaiting the next lesson in the eye. People arrange their Zumba Day so nothing else gets in the middle of the lesson. The gymnasts feel like this method is like coming to a party and not a fitness class.